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My Style / H&M shirt

This weekend we take a breath of air in incredibly beautiful Seymenler Park . The beauty of the weather insptred us to take a lot of photographs and of course for my ‘ what I’m wearing ? ‘ post too.

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Do you know my favorite part of living in Ankara? Ankara is  close enough to do anywhere you want to escape for weekend. We consider the opportunity to travel we went to Istanbul with my boyfriend . For us it was like an accelerated vacation. We traveled without any sleep. Travel notes, what I wear and […]

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Hi everyone! Trench Coat season already opened. I wanted to wear Trench Coat that I get from HM on a sunny morning in Ankara. Today, for friend who working like me, there is important case because today is 29th of October that means a half day is free. So our classic Monday syndrome less for […]

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