New Hairstyles For Women 2017

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Degrade Coloring

A couple of seasons ago were popular vertical and horizontal coloring or ” degrade ” with a smooth transition from light to darker shades .Famous German stylist Klaus Peter Ochs suggested completely new and bold ” degrade ” this season,  tips are dyed with colored shades that emphasizes geometry  haircuts.

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Blonde hair color 2015

2017 is the ideal blonde year, no way to black hair roots or yellow shades. Choose ashy blond for “Snow Queen“ look. Pink or caramel shades will look stylish also. You can create your own `winter` look like Christina Aguilera and Taylor Momsen did.

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 Women always prefer medium length wavy hair. The reason of this is that hair can easly take form than short hair and it needs less care than long hair. medium length hair models seem wonderful and they are suitable for every face with feminine appearance . Here some models:

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2015 long hair model selection

Long hairs have many diversities about forming and haircut. You can do successful models on long hair in all seasons. Here there are lots of examples from famous women’s hair styles and women who share pictures in their blogs for you:

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2015 Trendy Hairstyle

Before the end of 2017, which this year became fashionable hairstyles and loved by so many people take a look at them. For next year, we get the idea.

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Blunt Bob Style 2015 2015

1 Blunt Blunt Bob Bobs line style can look stylish and can be modified or replaced with a day or night. Bobs blunt geometries occur in a straight line. Here, the margin of the horizontal lines at the end of the hair, which kiss the jaw. Hairstyles can play with different looks.

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