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Anciently honey valued for its beneficial properties , now it is actively used in the manufacture of cosmetics , including hair care cosmetics.

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Mask for oily hair

This simple folk remedy (in performance when used regularly) will improve the sebaceous glands and hair rid of oily sheen.

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Go to the pharmacy

With minor losses and the absence of serious problems can be dispensed with syringes and medical devices. Especially that the shelves of pharmacies and perfumeries just bursting with special shampoos, masks and solutions.

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Call grandma

There are many folk methods to combat hair loss. For example, castor or burdock oil. Rub it into the scalp, put on a your mask cap and wrap a towel. And after 20-30 minutes rinse your hair thoroughly. If the advice of grandmother’s trunk is not for you, you can refer to the stellar experience.

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