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My Style / H&M shirt

This weekend we take a breath of air in incredibly beautiful Seymenler Park . The beauty of the weather insptred us to take a lot of photographs and of course for my ‘ what I’m wearing ? ‘ post too.

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Skirt in shades of coffee by Ipekyol, white tshirt by Zara, turquoise bag by Batik and with my turquoise flats are ready for publication new ‘what I wore’ post. Ever since I started to work Ipekyol brand began to enter my radar more. I’m admiring every collection. Also I must say they do very successful choice […]

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My heart stayed in the Aegean

We visited  Izmir, we had fun, but my heart stayed in the Aegean. You remember our trip we realized to izmir. In Izmir we stay at the hotel have a cute name Mini Hotel. It is first hotel in Turkey  with the literature concept. I wanted to share  this charming hotel with you. Each room has a name, […]

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Little black dress is an important gift to the world by Coco Chanel, and I want to decorate it with her biography. Combination with Little Black dress and The Life and Legend of Coco Chanel in this article. I finished reading in one breath recently a book called The Life and Legend of Coco Chanel than Coco […]

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What I’m Wearing / Hi Buyukada

Hello, I think this combinations post will be most funny of posts. Combinations from my trip to Buyukada and beauty of the Buyukada in this article. Last day of my Istanbul trip I spend in Buyukada.Certainly I think I made a nice end . Buyukada a wonderful place. After disembark, we ate fish for lunch on […]

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What should i wear in winter?

Hi everyone! Here in Ankara, I made the winter combination which will answer what I should wear in coldest time of the winter. That time when other bloggers posting photos of summer combinations or photos take in silk blouse inside, I will give you a solution for winter because there is no case in our […]

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