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Here is a summary of the end of the business day and combination that answer the question what i wear at the office. Of course, hopefully you’ll be less tired and with a little makeup. Work out we went to Mickey’s in Prime Peak. A lot of options and too great crispy chicken.  In fact, the […]

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Hi everyone, I’m trying to cope with the cold at times turtleneck sweater was really nice . Stitch leather skirt and sweater combination that I made saved my day and both stylish and comfortable. Even though I complain about the cold I ‘m used to the image of autumn or even liked it a lot. Seymenler Park in […]

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 What I’m Wearing / White Silk Shirt

I would resist autumn by wearing white. I dont want winter to come, let summer continue . I think winter be late if dress up brighter. But I’m wrong. The weather starts to cool slightly, so we are at beginning of switch to a long marathon from lighter t shirt to long sleeve shirts, jackets ending […]

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