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Lady in Black

Hi everyone from the second day of the new year! I hope you had a great Christmas and this year will be yours. Today I will made post in black. Definitely the star of the combination is Zara gloves. By the way Zara started sale today . Zara began 2014 sales.

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What I’m Wearing / H&M Cardigan

Hello blog lovers! On weekdays I wear this black dress from H & M brand a part of the summer season that you’ve seen before in this post.

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What I’m Wearing / Hi Buyukada

Hello, I think this combinations post will be most funny of posts. Combinations from my trip to Buyukada and beauty of the Buyukada in this article. Last day of my Istanbul trip I spend in Buyukada.Certainly I think I made a nice end . Buyukada a wonderful place. After disembark, we ate fish for lunch on […]

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Hello everyone, want to say Hello! to the weekends with  aztec patterns and boyfriend jeans combinations . And yes it’s Friday! Hooray Weekend! When this aztec patterned t shirt were into oblivion part of my wardrobe it turn to one of my favorites . I think the most effective cause to suit the end of […]

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2015 long hair model selection

Long hairs have many diversities about forming and haircut. You can do successful models on long hair in all seasons. Here there are lots of examples from famous women’s hair styles and women who share pictures in their blogs for you:

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Boho Holiday Hairstyle

This is a quick easy bohemian hairstyle that is perfect for all the holiday parties that are just around the corner! Watch this video compiled for you do on the Internet. Details rest of the summer is waiting for you.

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