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Monthly Archive for September, 2015

Lady in Black

Hi everyone from the second day of the new year! I hope you had a great Christmas and this year will be yours. Today I will made post in black. Definitely the star of the combination is Zara gloves. By the way Zara started sale today . Zara began 2014 sales.

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What I’m Wearing / H&M Cardigan

Hello blog lovers! On weekdays I wear this black dress from H & M brand a part of the summer season that you’ve seen before in this post.

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My Style / H&M shirt

This weekend we take a breath of air in incredibly beautiful Seymenler Park . The beauty of the weather insptred us to take a lot of photographs and of course for my ‘ what I’m wearing ? ‘ post too.

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Black Shot

Black and white most risk-free two colors! You can use them in any environment each time that set will not more and not less, just spectacular duo.

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What I’m Wearing / Big Chefs

Continued bad weather this week and weekend were coused to wearing my neon green Twist jacket.Combination with my Twist jacket at the corner at what Im wearing` post. The bad weather been a good reason to wear my Twist branded neon green jacket that I bought but havent opportunity to wear. Judging by the weather […]

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