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Monthly Archive for December, 2014

What I’m Wearing / Hi Buyukada

Hello, I think this combinations post will be most funny of posts. Combinations from my trip to Buyukada and beauty of the Buyukada in this article. Last day of my Istanbul trip I spend in Buyukada.Certainly I think I made a nice end . Buyukada a wonderful place. After disembark, we ate fish for lunch on […]

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What I’m Wearing / White Skirt

We should wear sandals and white skirts more before summer ends. I do not know,  do you agree with me or not, but the summer months seems to me that ‘s slipping through my hands. If I do not catch and hold summer months it will escape and will leave me to the endless winter cold.

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What should i wear in winter?

Hi everyone! Here in Ankara, I made the winter combination which will answer what I should wear in coldest time of the winter. That time when other bloggers posting photos of summer combinations or photos take in silk blouse inside, I will give you a solution for winter because there is no case in our […]

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Combination with Black Blazer

Hello everyone posting with very fast combination. The main theme of this combination is black blazer, ie, aka life-saving jacket. Black blazer chosen for the combinationnation will save your life in any environment. In the office, or meeting with friends, stylish look and a risk-free choice​​. Merry weeks.

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The recent trend combination is open  shoulder shirt with staple collar endure from time when the spring new came to our country . The post  about what i wear is combination with open shoulder clared red shirt on top and jeans on bottom is ready to read. While spring just shown and flowers on the […]

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Hi everyone blog lovers, from a wintry morning in Ankara. This week I ‘ve been looking with candles the air in this photo that taken last weekend. Ankara, cold and rainy today !I hope that weather will be much better those long holidays we are faced. Last week i dress black because of cauched pissimism […]

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