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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

If you want silky looking and brightness you should act your hair like silky. For example after taking shower, dry your hair softly with towel, use wide-toothed comb for wet hair and don’t comb too often to prevent frying. Jeni Thomas who is hair and scalp health researcher of Pantene saying that you should use […]

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Fashions in Hair Braid

When doesn’t hair bridal be fashion? It is impossible to be bored even we used it too much at school times. It is the fact that every types of knitting don’t suit for everyone. It can be very elegant for some people. What do you think?

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After the problematic of long hair or short hair those who say i like short hair are here! Of course this cutting is useful for straight hair. I can use even without blow because of cutting very short back, hair doesn’t break down or curl. That’s why if you have straight hair and you like […]

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